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Pitbull Boxer Birthday Cake Pan

Pitbull Boxer Birthday Cake Pan

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Pitbull Boxer Bulldog Cake Pan

FREE recipe included! 

Have you rescued a pitbull and are looking to celebrate your new pibble dog? Do you have a boxer whose birthday is coming up. Have we got the birthday cake pan for you.

Introducing our new animal shape cake pans. This one is custom designed to look just like a pittie with floppy ears. However, so many of our customers have told us that they see a boxer in this head. Or an American bulldog--the taller kind without the underbite. Or even the mastiff.

We know that pit bulls and some of these other breeds sometimes get a bad rap and this bright pink custom cake pan helps show their adorable side.

We've made this brand new pitbull cake pan in a generous size so you can make a cake and serve it to all of your favorite dog loving fans. 

The cake pan measures 10 inches by 12 inches and more than three inches deep. This pan should hold between six and eight cups of cake batter--or about what at least one box of Duncan Hines or Betty Crocker cake mix would give you. Remember: these brands are made for human consumption only. But don't worry, we will include a FREE dog safe recipe!

Like all of our silicone bakeware, the dog head shaped cake pan is made of 100 percent food grade silicone.

When cooking with silicone baking molds, we recommend coating with cooking spray so the cake doesn't stick to the pan. Also, we recommend putting this cake pan on a baking sheet before filling with cake batter and putting in the oven. It will make it easier to get the pan in and out of the oven. Cool completely and then peel the pan away before frosting, cutting and serving.

Never cut a cake in a silicone cake pan mold. You'll ruin the pan when the knife goes through it.

Here is more on how to use our pans.

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