About Us

Hi! We are Beth and Joe, from the great state of Illinois! 

We love our dogs. My guess is you do, too. The mission for Pawsome Doggie is to provide the best products for a dog birthday or just some fun stuff for people who love dogs as much as we do.

We adopted our first dog in 2001, a lab named Dallas, who started a long roll of many senior and special need dogs, beagles, pointers and more.  We have fostered over 100 dogs of all sizes and breeds.  We even fostered and adopted Kale Chips the Dog, who you might remember as being the obese beagle who received international fame for losing nearly half his weight!  86# to 44#

Kale before and after 40# weight loss!


We love to celebrate our dogs special days and sharing some of our favorite items via Pawsome Doggie!

Beth purchased Pawsome Doggie from the original owner, Leah, in 2020.  While we haven't done much with the site over the past couple of years, we are re-launching to help provide our family some extra income.

We hope you enjoy shopping on Pawsome Doggie and will tell your dog-loving friends and family about us. In fact, you can use the code FRIENDS10 to save 10% on your first purchase. Your friends can, too.