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We love our dogs. My guess is you do, too. The mission for Pawsome Doggie is to provide the best products for a dog birthday, gift ideas for pet owners and other fun stuff for people who love dogs as much as we do.

We adopted our first rescue dog in 2002, Buffy, a golden retriever-beagle-cocker spaniel mix, when he was four years old. That's our family portrait to the right, with Buffy, soon after he joined our family.

Every year we looked forward to celebrating Buffy’s birthday on March 1st. Our daughters especially looked forward to wishing Buffy happy birthday and always made sure to give him extra treats on his special day.

We were lucky enough to celebrate Buffy’s birthday up through 2013. However, the whole time that Buffy was a part of our family, we never were able to find just the right way to celebrate. We certainly never thought about making a dog birthday cake.

After Buffy died our daughters begged us to get two dogs–and two puppies at that. Through a local rescue we were able to adopt Sadie and Gable. Sadly, Gable was only with us for 18 months. One day in 2015 he escaped from our dog sitter’s house, and was hit by a car and killed. We were all despondent, especially Sadie. So soon thereafter we rescued Oscar.

Oscar is a Catahoula Leopard Dog/shepherd mix, and Sadie is a coonhound/Pekingese mix. There they are below with our daughter, at the beach in Manasquan, NJ.

Oscar joined our family when he was 3, and, well, Sadie came to be a part of our family before her first birthday. Oscar and Sadie’s birthdays are both in April–Oscar was born on 4/2/12 and Sadie was born on 4/22/13, according to the records we received from the rescue organizations.

With two dog birthdays to plan each year, we didn’t want to face the same problem we’d had in the past–finding the perfect way to celebrate our dogs birthdays. That’s why we started Pawsome Doggie.

We want to share with other dog families these awesome supplies for making a dog bone shape cake, using a dog safe birthday cake recipe, and decorating that birthday cake with dog bone shape birthday candles, among other items to round out a dog party.

Look below at the custom cookie cutter of our dog's face that we had made for Oscar for his last birthday. Check out the cookies we made with it, too. Isn't it awesome or should I say pawsome?

In addition to helping you celebrate your dog's birthday, part of Pawsome Doggie’s mission is to partner with animal rescue organizations and share some of the profits with those good causes. Without these kinds of good causes, we never would have been able to adopt Buffy, Gable, Oscar or Sadie. If you have a rescue or shelter you would like to nominate, please use this link to submit your nomination.

We hope you enjoying shopping on Pawsome Doggie and will tell your dog-loving friends and family about us. In fact, you can use the code FRIENDS10 to save 10% on your first purchase. Your friends can, too.