What To Serve Your Dog for Their Birthday

What To Serve Your Dog for Their Birthday

What To Serve Your Dog For Their Birthday

Throwing your pup a birthday party? You're not alone. Nearly 10 million Americans celebrate a dog's birthday each year.

Many of them want to serve a birthday cake at the celebration. Many also worry about what to serve their dog for their birthday. They worry about feeding their dog something unhealthy, that might be bad for them or that they simply won't like.

We've got the solution.

What To Serve Your Dog For Their Birthday

Here are four ideas for making a dog-friendly birthday cake that your pup is sure to love.

1. Make a meat pie or meat loaf.

Who says a doggie birthday cake has to be make from flour and eggs? Grab your favorite cake pan or dish, fill with ground beef or chicken along with rice, and bake in the oven just like you would a meatloaf. Or you could cook up the meat and serve in your pup's favorite dish. You might even consider using one of our dog bone shape cake pans. Yes, silicone is oven safe and can also go in the microwave.

2. Bake a puppy cake.

And when we say puppy cake, we mean using our dog cake mix called Pawsome cake. It's our brand of dog-friendly cake mix.

We stock our dog cake mix in three flavors--peanut butter, carob brownie and pumpkin pie. My dogs Oscar and Sadie love all the flavors, especially when I "frost" the cake with peanut butter.

puppy cake dog birthday mix

3. Whip up a fruit salad.

There are no hard and fast rules about what constitutes a doggie birthday cake so why not make a fruit salad instead?! Fruit is typically safe for dogs to eat (except for grapes. Never give a dog grapes).

Safe fruits include apples, bananas and watermelon.

Chop them up into a colorful, delicious, healthy serving for the birthday dog. Here is a list of dog-friendly human food.

4. Avoid dangerous ingredients and human food.

You may love chocolate, you may think your dog would love a chocolate cake, but never feed chocolate to a dog. Chocolate can be toxic to dogs, even in the smallest quantity.

You'll find some dog cake mixes use carob, like we do with our carob brownie flavor of Pawsome Cake. Carob is a dog-safe alternative to chocolate.

So I can't stress this enough. Never use chocolate and never feed your dog chocolate.

Other toxic foods to avoid include raisins, which many people like to put in a carrot cake. So if you are making a carrot cake for your celebration, please skip the raisins.

The ASPCA Animal Poison Control has a comprehensive list on human foods never to feed your dog. It's worth reading before planning your dog birthday party menu.

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