15 Dog Friendly Food Items

15 Dog Friendly Food Items

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Looking to plan the menu for your dog party birthday celebration? Here are 15 different people food that should be safe to feed your dog, in small quantities, of course.

As always check with your veterinarian first before raiding the fridge with your dog for these dog friendly foods.

  1. Apples (no seeds)
  2. Bananas (my dogs never liked bananas)
  3. Carrots
  4. Cheese (small amounts only)
  5. Chicken (no skin or bones)
  6. Corn (kernels only, cooked)
  7. Cucumber (hollow out the seeds first)
  8. Green beans
  9. Ground beef (lean, fully cooked, plain)
  10. Orange pieces (no skin or seeds)
  11. Pasta (plain)
  12. Peanut butter (read the ingredients, first, to make sure it does not include xylitol or sugar alcohol. Do not feed your dog peanut butter with these ingredients in it. Ever!)
  13. Rice (white, boiled)
  14. Turkey (again, no skin or bones)
  15. Watermelon (again, no seeds)
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