New in store! Barley's Bakes Cupcake Mix for Dogs

New in store! Barley's Bakes Cupcake Mix for Dogs

Look what we just added to our store!  You can bake your own dog cake, or cupcakes, what fun!  Follow us along as we tested out the cake mix.

barley's bakes cupcake mix for dogs

We have the bakeware and now we have a new to the market mix for you to make your own dog safe cake with natural ingredients.  Barley's Bakes has two flavors, Peanut Butter or a Bone Broth flavor.  For the pictures here, we baked the chicken bone broth flavor.  

The dry mix has a pouch with the cake ingredients and another pouch with the frosting ingredients.  You only need to add the water, oil and egg. 

It mixed up very easy with just stirring with a spoon.

We added a light canola oil spray to our pan and spread the mixture into the pan.  Once it comes out of the oven, you have a thin bone shape cake that your dog will be drooling over while it cools.

Once the cake is completely cool, go ahead and mix up the frosting, which is more of a glaze, and spread it on the cake.  Once it sets up, it will be mostly hard to the touch.

Serve it up and let your dog enjoy!


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