How to Celebrate Dogust 1st the Universal Day for Rescue Dog Birthdays

How to Celebrate Dogust 1st the Universal Day for Rescue Dog Birthdays

dogust first universal birthday for shelter dogs

Dogust 1st Birthday for Shelter and Rescue Dogs

August 1 is also known as Dogust. What is Dogust? It's the day when people who have adopted or rescued a dog--and don't know when their dog's birthday is--get to have a day to celebrate their dog's big day.

It's not the gotcha day or even the adoption anniversary. It's the dogaversary or universal rescue dog birthday or birthday for shelter dogs. In 2018 Dogust was a big deal. It was the 10th anniversary of this dog-centric celebration.

Who started the Dogust 1st celebration

Who started this celebration known as Dogust and made Dogust 1st the day for the celebration? It seems the North Shore Animal League decided to declare Dogust 1st the national birthday day for shelter and rescue dogs. 

In the past North Shore Animal League has held free adoptions and other adoption events on August 1 as a way of promoting Dogust and the availability of homeless pets at shelters and rescues. The president of the organization has been quoted saying "Let's get these lovable pets into homes for real birthday parties."

How you can celebrate Dogust 1st

If you decided to throw your dog a birthday "pawty" on Dogust 1st, you may ask your guests that, in lieu of presents for your pup, that they bring a donation for a local rescue or shelter. Many list on their websites what they need, like food, towels and blankets--even toys. Since Dogust is connected back to an animal rescue, this seems that an appropriate idea.

Also, don't forget to make your pup a doggie cake for this dogaversary. I know that a bone-shaped puppy cake is a super popular option for dog lovers around the world.

Also, check out our new and improved birthday bundle in a box. Now you can customize your candle colors and your cake flavor!

dog birthday bundle in a box

Finally, since August is often scorching hot, a Dogust party should include water playtime (supervised, of course), frozen treats and lots of shade for cooling down.

Dogust is definitely one of those national dog holidays that I love covering. So happy Dogust 1st for all the pets out there with an unknown birthday but who deserve a celebration of their own.

dogust first shelter rescue dog birthday celebration

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my moca is a rescue.
Her birthday Jan 18, 2019.
She would not be here had I not adopted her from the shelter.

Deborah Dolan

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