Favorite Popular Dog Breeds Finalists

Favorite Popular Dog Breeds Finalists


For the past few months, we've been asking our Pawsome Doggie customers to share what their favorite popular dog breeds are. We had a survey going to ask about this.

Why did we want to know? Because we are looking to expand our dog-themed bakeware this year to include more popular dog breeds.

We got this idea after the unbelievable popularity of our small dachshund cake pan. We started selling that pan earlier this year, and we've barely been able to keep up with demand. Clearly, doxie lovers are serious for their devotion to the breed.

So that got us thinking--what other popular dog breeds have owners and lovers who want to see a cake pan shaped like their favorite dog? Well, you told us.

Actually, we ended up with a three-way tie. The most popular dog breeds according to all of you are:

  • Corgi
  • Pit Bull
  • French Bulldog

In fact, these three breeds all ended up with the same amount of votes. So because of that we're going to roll out all three of these dog breed cake pans in the next few months. We've got our manufacturers tooling up for our order of new cake pans.

Right now we're working on getting just the right shape to make the pans. We'll keep you posted on when those pans will be available for purchase for your favorite dog's next birthday or other kind of celebration.

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