A Dog Valentine Idea Heart Shape Cake

A Dog Valentine Idea Heart Shape Cake

Do you need some dog Valentine ideas because you're planning to celebrate with your pet or buy your dog a gift? If so, you won't be alone.

Nearly 20 percent of Americans will be getting a Valentine's Day gift for their pet.

And where is one of the top places these dog lovers will go for Valentine ideas and to buy gifts? To an online store like ours.

That's why we decided to put together this post to show you how our awesome Pawsome Doggie dog bone shape cake pan can be used for a dog Valentine idea--turning it into a heart shaped cake for your pup. 

blue dog bone cake pan



Here is a pictorial of how we turned the dog bone shape into a heart shape and then decorated it with strawberries, one of those human foods that are safe for dogs to eat. You'll see my dogs Oscar and Sadie enjoying it below.

I hope you enjoy watching how I transformed the bone shape cake into a heart shape cake that my dogs loved.

 dog valentine ideas

dog valentines ideas

dog valentine ideas

Sadie, the black dog, diving in!

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