Rope Toy for Dogs

This rope toy for dogs is the perfect birthday gift for a tog that loves to play tug of war. Even better it's from the Mittsy Tough line, which is designed for tough chewers. You know, those dogs that destroy a toy minutes after you take it out of the package.

Our house is littered with the carcasses of toys that have seen better days, including a "hamburger" toy with a gigantic bite taken out of it and a multicolored "egg" that looks like it just birthed a chick.

We recent gave Oscar, our tough chewer, a Mittsy Tough toy, and it still looks brand new. You can feel confident that if you give a dog birthday gift of this Mittsy Tough rope toy, it's going to be a toy that's going to last a long time. Not only will the birthday dog love it but I'm guessing the pet parents will, too. No more having to clean up toy shrapnel.

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