Dachshund Cake Pan Mould Small Like Mini Doxie

How adorable is this dachshund cake pan mould? It is the same size as your favorite small mini doxie. Now your dachshund--or someone you know who loves dachshunds--can have a doxie shaped birthday cake.

Made of flexible yet durable 100% food grade silicone, this dog cake pan is easy to use when making your puppy a cake or yourself a cake. It is easy to clean as well.

We suggest placing your dachshund cake pan mould on a baking sheet before filling with cake batter and placing in the over. One box of Puppy Cake mix fills the cake pan perfectly.

Cake pan measures approximately 11 inches from nose to tail and about three inches across. It is about two inches deep.

We love our Pawsome Doggie cake pans and have used them to make treats for our pups. We've also used them to bake a cake, brownies, corn bread and more for us humans to enjoy.

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