Best NFL and College Team Dog Car Seat Covers

Best NFL and College Team Dog Car Seat Covers

Do you like to take your dogs in the car with you? Are you looking for the best dog car seat covers so your vehicle will stay clean and free of dog hair? And are you a fan of a professional sports team or your college or university alma mater? If so, you're in luck.

We at Pawsome Doggie are pleased to announce that we are now carrying official NFL team car seat covers as well as college team car seat covers from the NCAA. We currently have more than 40 teams to choose from including Tampa Bay Buccaneers seat covers (for the NFL team covers) and Alabama Crimson Tide car seat covers (for the collegiate team car seat covers).

Curious to see if we carry your favorite NFL or NCAA team? Here are the teams which car seat covers we currently carry.

NCAA College Team Car Seat Covers

  • Alabama Crimson Tide Car Seat Cover
  • Arkansas Razorbacks Car Seat Cover
  • Clemson Tigers Car Seat Cover
  • Florida Gators Car Seat Cover
  • Florida State Car Seat Cover
  • Kentucky Wildcats Car Seat Cover
  • LSU Tigers Car Seat Cover
  • Michigan State Car Seat Cover
  • Nebraska Huskers Car Seat Cover
  • Ohio State Car Seat Cover
  • Oklahoma Sooners Car Seat Cover
  • South Carolina Car Seat Cover
  • Tennessee Volunteers Car Seat Cover
  • Texas Longhorns Car Seat Cover

NFL Team Car Seat Covers

  • Arizona Cardinals Car Dog Seat Cover         
  • Atlanta Falcons Car Seat Cover
  • Baltimore Ravens Car Seat Cover
  • Buffalo Bills Car Seat Cover
  • Carolina Panthers Car Seat Cover
  • Chicago Bears Car Seat Cover
  • Cincinnati Bengals Car Seat Cover
  • Cleveland Browns Car Seat Cover
  • Dallas Cowboys Car Seat Cover
  • Denver Broncos Car Seat Cover
  • Detroit Lions Car Seat Cover
  • Green Bay Packers Car Seat Cover
  • Houston Texans Car Seat Cover
  • Indianapolis Colts Car Seat Cover
  • Jacksonville Jaguars Car Seat Cover
  • Kansas City Chiefs Car Seat Cover
  • Los Angeles Chargers Car Seat Cover
  • Miami Dolphins Car Seat Cover
  • Minnesota Vikings Car Seat Cover
  • New England Patriots Car Seat Cover
  • New Orleans Saints Car Seat Cover
  • Pittsburgh Steelers Car Seat Cover
  • San Francisco 49ers Car Seat Cover
  • Seattle Seahawks Car Seat Cover
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Car Seat Cover
  • Tennessee Titans Car Seat Cover
  • Washington Redskins Car Seat Cover

Back Seat Car Covers for Dogs

We have been using these team car seat covers for two years now. We always have them in the back seat when traveling with our dogs Oscar and Sadie. We think these are the best dog car seat covers.

What I love about these pet-friendly seat covers is that they are car seat covers with seat belt holes. Since I always strap my dogs into the back seat of the car, this makes it easier to use the seat belts.

college football Team Car Seat Covers

These back seat car covers for dogs are generously sized and fit many different backseat configurations. We have used them in the backseat of a Honda Accord, Saturn VUE and Subaru Forrester as car bench seat covers for dog. We have not tried them on captain's chairs, though. We did recently try them out in a three-row large SUV, and they fit perfectly in the third row as rear car seat pet covers.

These are large dog car seat covers, in that they are 55 inches wide by 50 inches long. They have four adjustable straps with clips that go around the headrests and the bottoms of the back seat.

What's great about using these NFL team car seat covers or NCAA college car seat covers is that they can keep your car clean and free of pet hair. The covers themselves are not pet-hair resistant but they do a great job of keeping dog hair off your leather car seats or fabric car seats. Plus, by having these team seat covers on your back seat, you're always showing your support for your favorite NFL or college team!

We have put our team car seat covers in the washer and dryer (gentle setting), and they've come out perfectly intact.

Here are more details about these car seat covers:

  • Skid proof material on bottom
  • Contrast trim
  • Team Logo Embroidery
  • Printed team band across bottom

These pet friendly seat covers come from our Made in the USA supplier in Florida. When you place your order, they will ship directly from them to you in five to seven days after we receive your order.

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