If it weren't for a rescue or shelter, our family would never have had the opportunity to own a dog. We were raised in families that always adopted animals, whether they came from an animal rescue group or a local shelter. So when it came time to choose a dog for our two daughters, it was a rescue or shelter all the way. Thanks to Petfinder we were able to locate rescue groups near where we lived that had the perfect dogs for us.

We started by adopting Buffy in 2002 from a dog rescue in New Jersey. Buffy lived to celebrate his 15th birthday with us and almost made it to his 16th!

After Buffy passed in 2013, we adopted Gable and Sadie from a dog rescue in Pennsylvania. Both dogs were with foster families. (Sadly, Gable escaped from a dog sitter's home, and was hit by a car and killed in 2015.) Our next rescue, Oscar, was also with a foster family, this time in Staten Island, New York. He joined our family in 2015, shortly after Gable died. (That's Oscar and Sadie kissing me, above.)

It's a long way of saying that now that Pawsome Doggie is open for business and helping dog lovers like us celebrate their dog's birthdays, we want to give back and support shelters and rescues that make adopting a furry member of your family possible. 

Each month or so, we'll highlight a rescue or shelter. We'll tell you a bit about the good cause, share some pictures of dogs they've rescued, and, most importantly, share a portion of our profits with that rescue or shelter once the month is over. 

We think a dog's birthday is the perfect reason to want to partner with these good causes, especially because when you adopt a dog, a dog's birthday takes on a special meaning because you've saved a life. We want to encourage those celebrations, whether you hold it on your dog's actual birthday or, in the case of some stray dogs or rescues when you don't know the dog's birthday, their adoption birthday. We would like our Pawsome Doggie customers to nominate a rescue or shelter for us to feature and support. Please complete our Google Form via this link or the form below. We will let you know if or when we choose the rescue or shelter that you've nominated.