kittieware cat themed home decor gifts

When we launched this company in 2015 with animal cake pans, we focused exclusively on dogs. Thus the name Puppieware by Pawsome Doggie.

But slowly and consistently over time, customers have asked, "What about cat cake pans" or "Why don't you sell gift ideas for cat lovers?" Well, we hear you.

Introducing Kittieware. It's our new line with cat lovers in mind.

Eventually Kittieware will feature the cool cake pans that our customers have come to know and love. But instead of just offer animal cake pans shaped like dogs or with a dog theme, we will be selling cat cake pans. This will help you to make a kitty cat birthday cake for your cat's birthday or a child's birthday party.

In the meantime we've added a few items to our new Kittieware line. For the time being we've got cat themed home decor, cat themed rugs and other cat themed things.