Dog Bone Shaped Products

We love anything dog bone shaped. Birthday candles. Birthday cakes. Anything shaped like a dog bone makes us think of our pups, especially since their treats are always dog bone shaped. That's why we designed our unique dog bone shaped birthday candles.

We are the only online store offering these candles shaped like a dog bone and with the extra long stick to keep the candle off your cake. We know dog lovers use these on a dog birthday cake. We've also heard of boys and girls having a puppy pawty using these candles, too.

Our dog bone obsession doesn't end there. Our best-selling dog bone cake pan is a must have. Obviously, you can use it to make your dog his or her favorite cake in the shape of a dog bone. But also the pan is so durable and easy to clean that it can become a staple in your kitchen. We use ours for making brownies (for the humans) and corn bread (for the humans). Wash on the top rack of your dishwasher.