Mini Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

Mini Dog Bone Cookie Cutter

Looking to make DIY dog bone biscuits for your pup? Our mini dog bone cookie cutter can help.

We are selling them in a 10 pack. This can help you make a lot of dog bone biscuits and healthy dog treats at once.

When we say mini cookie cutter, here's what we mean. This is a one inch by two and half inch dog bone cookie cutter.

These are perfect for making homemade dog treats for your puppy or small cookies for a child's dog theme birthday party.

These are not cheap cookie cutters, by the way. And they are not made from cheap plastic.

Our small dog bone cookie cutter is made of solid stainless steel and should hold up well when making lots of diy treats for your dogs. We used these metal dog bone cookie cutters when making holiday cookies this past year. They were easy to use, easy to clean and the treats came out perfectly.

At some other stores like Michaels, Target or Bed, Bath and Beyond, you would pay $1.49 for a single mini dog bone cookie cutter. By shopping with us you can get a 10 pack of these adorable dog cookie cutters for a lot less money.

Here's another great use for these tiny dog bone cookie cutters: you can use them as dog party favors. Again, these are sold in a 10 pack.

So if you're throwing a birthday party for your dog, you can put a bone cookie cutter in each goody bag for party guests. Or if you're throwing a dog theme party for your fur baby or human child, this fun cookie cutter is the perfect party favor.

Now, if you ever find yourself or anyone else asking, "Where can I buy a dog bone cookie cutter?" you'll know the answer--right here!


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