Happy Birthday Tennis Balls

We think these Happy Birthday tennis balls make the perfect dog birthday gift. We know that our dogs love tennis balls, and we have the sense that other dogs feel the same way, too. So if you're looking for the perfect gift to bring to a dog birthday party, this three-pack of Happy Birthday tennis balls from Petsport are it.

Each three pack has a ball in a different color--blue, pink and orange. Each ball says "Happy Birthday" on it and includes fun confetti, which adds to the celebratory nature of this gift idea.

If you're the dog owner planning the birthday party, these Happy Birthday tennis ball could easily be a favor that you give your guests. Think about--they come in a three pack, meaning you get more for your money. With one purchase you've got dog friendly gift favors for three of your four-legged guests.

We're hoping that come Christmas Petsport will debut a line of tennis ball with seasons greetings on them so we can offer you Merry Christmas or Happy Chanuakah or Happy New Year tennis balls for dogs, too.

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