Best Dog Poop Bags

Best Dog Poop Bags

Are you on the hunt for the best dog poop bags? We were for the longest time. And now we've found them.

Introducing the Pawsome Doggie extra large dog poop bags. We really do believe these are the best dog waste bags you are going to find.


For starters they are generously sized. We know that big dogs make, well, big poops. And sometimes those smaller poop bags make dog poop clean up extra messy. (Where's my hand sanitizer?) Not these green bags.

Next, they are sturdy. Even though they are made from what seems like thin, biodegradable or compostable plastic that should fall apart in your hands, they do not. We've yet to put our fingers through these bags, or, worse, have the contents spill out from inside. These are not cheap poop bags.

Another benefit: If you like your dog waste bags to have a scent--the good kind of scent, of course--these poop bags will not disappoint. We've had them made with a lovely lavender scent. It's very light and almost smells a little like vanilla. When the bags are empty. But once you've used the bags and tied the top in a knot, you smell, well NOTHING.

These bags do a GREAT job of blocking the scent from inside. We've been on long walks with our dogs with nary a trash bin in sight. We were not left retching from the smell of having to carry our dogs' poop.

When you buy our dog poop bags, you're getting a lot of bags for not a lot of money. Each box comes with 16 rolls of bags. Each roll has 15 bags on them. That's a total of 240 bags in one box. Also, the rolls fit a standard poop bag dispenser that you might attach to your dog's leash. So you can use these as your dog poop bag refill.

Also, if you're planning a dog birthday party, you can give these rolls of poop bags away as a favor gift to attendees. With 16 rolls per box, you've got plenty to offer your party guests.

We're selling these green poop bags on Amazon, but you'll always get the cheapest price right here on our online store.

Whether you're buying these poop bags to clean up after your puppy, small dog, large dog or even to clean out a baby's diaper, we think that you'll quickly come to love these lavender scent waste bags. And soon enough you'll be proclaiming them to be the best dog poop bags you can find.


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