Puppy Cake Mix Carob Flavor

Puppy Cake Mix Carob Flavor

We know how much we love chocolate cake. But we also know that it is never safe to give a dog chocolate. That's why this Puppy Cake Carob Mix is the perfect substitution that is dog friendly.

Puppy Cake and Frosting mix let's you make a delicious cake your dog will love! Guaranteed!

The benefit of buying the Puppy Cake mix is the box contains easy-to-make mixes for both the cake and the yogurt frosting.

With Puppy Cake you can make a dog-friendly and people-pleasing birthday cake for dogs that everyone will love.

Puppy Cake is made in the USA.

Puppy Cake Mix and Frosting Carob Ingredients

  • Carob Flavor Puppy Cake: whole wheat flour, evaporated cane juice, carob powder, baking powder and salt
  • Frosting: unflavored yogurt (nonfat milk solids, lactic acid, cultures & natural and artificial ingredients)

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