Birthday Bandana for Boy or Girl Dog or Cat

This birthday bandana for says "It's my birthday" and features a festive cupcake with candle on it. It comes in pink or blue. This dog birthday bandana is a triangle shape. It can also be used as a cat birthday bandana as we have had customers order them for a cat's birthday, adoptaversary or cataversary (TM).

The bandanas are made from a machine-washable, cotton/poly blend. They are super soft and they STRETCH for a comfy fit for your pet. All the bandanas have a finished edge with same color thread. 

Currently, we are stocking this lovely birthday banana for a boy or girl or a dog or a cat in three sizes. If you are looking for a birthday bandana for a cat, small dog, medium sized dog or a large dog, we think you'll love this one. Here are how the sizes measure up:

XS/SMALL: Bandana measures 18 inches from tip to tip.The other two sides of the triangle are 13 inches each. This is a perfect birthday bandana for small dog or a cat.

MEDIUM/LARGE: Bandana measures 29.5 inches from tip to tip. The other two sides of the triangle are 20 inches each. This is a perfect birthday bandana for a medium dog.

EXTRA LARGE/XL: Bandana measures 39 inches from tip to tip. The other two sides of the triangle are 26 inches. It is the perfect birthday bandana for large dog. It was a great fit for our friend's 100 pound Bernese Mountain Dog.

Whether you have a birthday girl or a birthday boy, this bandana will make your dog or cat look great at their dog birthday party. You could even consider buying a bunch of these bandanas and stringing them together as a pendant to make one-of-a-kind pet birthday decorations.

The dogs shown here are my rescue pups Oscar and Sadie. They are hound dog mixes. Why do I have them wearing these bandanas? Because I can never get them to wear dog birthday party hats!

I've also included a customer's cat, who looked spiffy in a cat birthday bandana. That's why we've added this bandana to our Kittieware collection!

Both Oscar and Sadie are wearing the M/L size. Oscar weighs 41 pounds and Sadie weighs 31 pounds.

This beautiful orange tabby cat is swearing a size XS/S in our birthday bandana.

The bigger black dog is Mittsy. She's an 80-pound black Lab. She is wearing a size XL.

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