Puppy Party Birthday Bundle In A Box

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It's like having a birthday in a box but instead we're calling it a pawsome dog Birthday Bundle. In fact, this is our new and improved dog birthday bundle.

In your Birthday Bundle, you'll get:

  • One dog bone shaped silicone birthday cake pan
  • One box of peanut butter Puppy Cake birthday cake mix
  • Two white bone shaped birthday candles
  • A doggie birthday bandana (you choose the color, pink or blue, and size) that says, "It's my birthday" and features a cute cupcake on it
  • A three-pack of "Happy Birthday" tennis balls

By buying your awesome dog party supplies in one birthday bundle, you'll be saving $5. Plus, every Birthday Bundle is shipped free by Priority Mail.

The dog bone silicone cake pan measures 7 inches by 10 inches and is about one inch deep. It is the perfect size for making one box of Puppy Cake mix for your dog's birthday cake. We know--we've used the cake pan again and again with a single box of Puppy Cake. Our silicone cake pan is safe to use in the oven and the microwave. Clean it on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Puppy Cake birthday mix is made with dog-safe ingredients in the U.S.A. The cake mix ingredients are all natural and you can pronounced everything. The ingredients are:

  • rice flour
  • can sugar
  • peanut flour
  • baking powder
  • salt

We're so excited about our new and improved birthday bundle, especially the dog birthday bandana. The bandana says "It's my birthday" and features a festive cupcake with candle on it. It comes in pink or blue, and in two sizes.

As far as measuring for you dog's birthday bandana, here's what you need to know:

  • XS/SMALL: Bandana measures 18 inches from tip to tip.
  • MEDIUM/LARGE: Bandana measures 29.5 inches from tip to tip.
  • X-LARGE: Bandana measures 39 inches from tip to tip.

Because you'll need room to tie the bandana, first measure your dog's neck then compare that measurement with the bandana size above. Next, we recommend leaving room on each end of the bandana  of about 1-2 inches (for the XS/SMALL bandana) and 2-5 inches (for the MEDIUM/LARGE bandana) so you'll have enough "room" to tie the bandana around your dog's neck and the same for the X-LARGE size.

Our friends with a Bernese Mountain Dog tried the XL bandana. Their dog weighs 100 pounds and the bandana fit him perfectly. So I'd say that the extra large size is an ideal birthday bandana for a large dog.

The bandanas are made from a machine-washable, cotton/poly blend. The are super soft and they STRETCH for a comfy fit for your pup.

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