Halloween Dog Costumes

October 15, 2016

Halloween Dog Costumes

dog halloween costume

Will you have your dogs celebrating Halloween 2016 with you? If so, you're not alone. According to a recent National Retails Federation survey about Halloween trends, more people than ever are dressing their pets in costume for Halloween 2016.

Popular Pet Costumes for Halloween 2016

1. Pumpkin Halloween Bootique Pumpkin Dog Costume

2. Hot dog (not limited to dachshunds) Halloween Bootique Hot Dog Costume

3. Bumble bee

(I couldn't find a bumble bee costume so thought this lady bug one was pretty adorable.) Bootique Ladybug Dog Hoodie Costume, XS, X-Small

4. Lion/Star Wars character STAR WARS Ewok Dog Sweater with Knit Hoodie, Medium

5. Devil Halloween Bootique Sweet Little Devil Dog Costume


6. Batman character



7. Witch

Witch Pet Costume - Dog Costumes


8. Superman


9. Super hero Halloween Bootique Superhero Girl Dog CostumeTrick or Treating With Pets

And will you take your pets trick or treating with you or have them help you give out treats? According to a recent Petco survey, 59 percent of pet parents say their pet will participate in Halloween this year. Pet parents intend to show off the joy they find in the human-animal bond, with 83 percent planning to dress pets head-to-tail in Halloween costumes and accessories, and 65 percent planning to gift their pets with Halloween-themed treats and toys.

Of course, if your dog doesn't like the idea of wearing a costume, don't force him to. Instead, tie a festive bandana around his neck and call it a day. You can use our dog bone shaped cake pans to help with dog-friendly Halloween treats, using it as a bowl. Below you'll see how I filled the cake pan with dog bones that I will be giving out to any four-legged friends that come to our house on October 31st with their human trick or treaters! halloween 2016

In addition to the fun of trick or treating with your pet and celebrating Halloween with you dog, you also need to think about ways to keep your dog safe.

Keep Dogs Away from Chocolate on Halloween 2016

Well, not just on Halloween 2016 but any time during the year. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. So when your children come home from trick or treating, put the chocolate away somewhere the dog can't get it. Similarly, if you're giving out chocolate candy on Halloween 2016, keep it in a high place your dog can't reach. (My dog Oscar can jump on the kitchen counters so in our house we'll be keeping the chocolate Halloween candy on top of a bookcase!)

Light the Way for Your Dog

Sure, your dog can see in the dark. But will cars and other trick or treaters see him when he's out with you--either in costume or just walking along? Consider using reflective tape on his collar, a blinking collar tag or battery-operated lights on his costume.

Keep Your Dog on a Leash

It goes without saying that Halloween is not the night for letting your dog run free. Keep her on a leash. This is true for trick or treating as well as at home with trick or treaters coming to the door. Halloween is a lot like July 4th, with dogs getting spooked and potentially running away. You don't want to have to go looking for your dog when all you want to be doing on Halloween 2016 is handing out candy to adorable ghouls and goblins.Save

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