We've Added a New Birthday Candle Survey. Will You Take It?

dog bone birthday candle color

One of our most popular products is our dog bone birthday candles. Our customers who buy these candles are regular dog moms and dads like you and me as well as dog bakeries--or barkeries--that want to offer them to their customers.

Do you own a barkery or retail store? Check out our wholesale option.

We have these generously sized dog bone birthday candles in four colors that we sell individually. Those colors are:

  • blue
  • pink
  • red
  • white

Pawsome Doggie is the only store online selling candles in this size and in these colors. The 1 1/2 inch-long stick at the bottom of the bone candle is unique to us. It allows you to stick the candle in your cake without losing the shape of the dog bone in the frosting.

Right now I'd have to say that pink and blue are the most popular colors. Given their connection to gender, we shouldn't be surprised.

Even so, from time to time, we hear from our customers about different colors for these dog bone birthday candles. We love getting this kind of feedback.

Rather than pick a new color out of thin air, we're hoping that you, our Pawsome Doggie customers, will help choose the new color. That's why we've designed this new one-question survey about what color we should add to our dog birthday candle collection in the near future.

As a thank you for taking the survey, you'll receive a special discount code to save money on your next purchase. This code is EXCLUSIVE to this survey, and only those who take the survey will get it.

Don't miss out.


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