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We are so excited to announce our first partnership with a shelter or rescue. Below I've shared the press release we've just sent out to local and national media. We're hoping it gets a lot of attention!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 10, 2016 10 Million Americans Celebrate Their Dog's Birthday. New Jersey-Based Pawsome Doggie Can Help. POINT PLEASANT, N.J.--Ten million Americans celebrate their dog's birthday each year, and a New Jersey business is helping them to do just that while giving back to good causes that support pet ownership. In time for National Pet Month in May, Pawsome Doggie, a new online store selling dog birthday party supplies, based in Point Pleasant, N.J., has partnered with the Monmouth County SPCA in Eatontown, N.J.

"Whether you celebrate an 'adopt-a-versary' or your dog's actual birth date, pet parents love being able to celebrate their dog," says Leah Ingram, Pawsome Doggie founder and owner of two rescued pups, Oscar and Sadie. "Each year more than 10 million Americans have a birthday party for their dog. We started Pawsome Doggie to help those dog lovers get the awesome dog party supplies they need, including both cake pans and birthday candles shaped like a dog bone. We're excited to partner with the Monmouth County SPCA to help support this good cause and provide a service to its customers."

This partnership will span May and June 2016. During this time Monmouth County SPCA supporters (and anyone else) can use coupon code MCSPCA at checkout to save 5 percent on all purchases at pawsomedoggie.com. At the end of the partnership period, Pawsome Doggie will donate 5 percent of sales back to the Monmouth County SPCA.

Pawsome Doggie customers can nominate their favorite rescue or shelter to be the beneficiary of sales in future months by completing the nomination form on the Pawsome Doggie store website. "We want to give back and support shelters and rescues that make adopting a furry member of your family possible," Ingram adds. "That's why we're sharing a portion of our profits with a different rescue or shelter every other month."

"We are thrilled to be partnering with Pawsome Doggie for the months of May and June while celebrating National Pet Month! Pawsome Doggie has adorable, fun and unique products that any pet lover would enjoy," says Lindsay Sanator, media and marketing coordinator at the Monmouth County SPCA. "We hope that people will enjoy the products as much as we do, and purchase Pawsome Doggie items for a good cause!"

Remember: if you have a rescue or shelter you'd like to nominate, please visit our nomination page.

UPDATE: We are so proud of how our partnership with the Monmouth SPCA turned out. We ended up donating $100 of our profits back to this good cause, as you can see from the photo below!

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