NFL Jerseys for Dogs and More From DoggieNation


With the Big Game happening on February 4, you may be thinking about how you can outfit your pup for your favorite team. In fact, you may have landed here because you were searching for NFL jerseys for dogs.

You're in luck.

Since last year we've partnered with DoggieNation, distributor of dog apparel representing the National Football League (NFL). DoggieNation also distributes doggie sports gear from the National Hockey League (NHL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB) and the NCAA--National Collegiate Athletic Association--to represent some of the nation's most popular colleges and universities and their sports team.

So in time for the matchup between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis, Minnesota, I bring you this Q&A with Jordana Isaacs, CEO and Founder of DoggieNation, based in Florida. One of the best sellers from her company are those aforementioned NFL jerseys for dogs along with other dog sports gear.

Q: Tell me a little bit about DoggieNation's business history.

A: DoggieNation was started in 2004 and has expanded into selling wholesale in recent years. Our site started out small and has continued to grow year after year. We are very fortunate to have grown in this competitive online marketplace.  

Q: I met your company reps at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida, in March 2017. How long have you been attending Global to meet storeowners like myself?

A: We have been exhibiting at Global Pet Expo for several years. We enjoy attending that trade show and always make great connections, form relationships and get to visit with existing customers. It is such a great venue to do business at.

Q: Why did DoggieNation decide to begin selling NFL jerseys for dogs and other sports paraphernalia and sports gear for dogs?

A: As avid sports and dog fans, we thought it would be a win-win, people love their dog and their alma matter, NFL or MLB team, and are passionate about both their dog and their team.

nfl jerseys for dogs new england patriots

Q: What niche were you looking to fill by offering these products?

A: Back in 2004 there were not many companies selling the dog sports apparel, and it was a great time to get in the business.

Q: What have you learned about pet lovers since starting to sell these items?

A: It’s pretty simple: people love their pets, and we are so fortunate to be in the pet industry. It’s a growing business and pets are such a huge part of the family.

Q: How do you determine which products you've added to your various lines?

A: Based on sales history, we know jerseys are number one.

(Note from us: We can attest to that. Of all of the DoggieNation products we've sold, NFL jerseys for dogs have out-sold every other product hands down. Coincidentally, Philadelphia Eagles' jerseys have been extremely popular. We're guessing after the Big Game, they might be even more popular. Though having lived in the Philadelphia suburbs for 16 years--from 1999 to 2015--we know firsthand how rabid and dedicated Eagles' fans are. But let's get back to our conversation with Jordana.)

After jerseys, the next most popular items are tees, followed by cheerleaders' outfits and then sweaters. Bandanas are also hugely popular, and we started carrying a new, reversible line this season. Those have sold extremely well.

(Note from us again: we're also selling bandanas now--birthday bandanas, to be specific--if you happen to be in the market for a birthday bandana for a boy or girl dog.)

Q: Will you be adding new sports gear for dogs in 2018 that you can share with me?

A: We will be adding some Major League Soccer teams to our offering and more to come in 2018.

Q: What kind of customer were you hoping to reach in offering your products?

A: We want to reach people who are passionate about their dogs and their favorite teams!

Q: What sets DoggieNation apart from other companies selling similar items?

A: We strive for complete customer satisfaction, from our retail customers to our wholesale customers. We want everyone to be happy with their order and want them to continue to shop with us.

Q: Are you yourself a pet person?

A: Yes! We love dogs over here at DoggieNation! Our logo is designed after our Boston Terrier, Lilly, and she’s a huge part of our company.

Q: Is DoggieNation a pet-friendly company?

A: Lilly gets to come to DoggieNation every day, and the employees are able to bring their pets to our warehouse too. Everyone at DoggieNation is crazy about their dogs, and we love being able to bring them to work with us! It really brightens our day by having pups at our side.

Q: Does the company support any animal related causes that my customers would want to know about?

A: DoggieNation is an avid supporter of the ASPCA and has been for many years.

Right now our store Puppieware by Pawsome Doggie only carries the football jerseys for popular NFL and NCAA teams. We're hoping to add more DoggieNation products throughout 2018. If you see any products on the DoggieNation site that you'd like to see us carry, please use our contact form to reach out and let us know. We'll see what we can do to add those products as quickly as possible.

As far as those two teams playing on February 4th and whether or not they're dog lovers, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that many football players are. Here is what I could find on NFL players from the Eagles and Patriots, and their pets:

  • Tom Brady has three dogs, according to Fox Sports.
  • According to Danny Amendola has a dog he named Willy:
  • While I can't figure out if Rob Gronkowski owns any dogs of his own, I've found plenty of mentions on social media that he does, in fact, love dogs.
  • Sidelined Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz not only has a dog that he named Henley, says NBC Sports, but Henley has a Twitter account and an Instagram.
  • The entire Philadelphia Eagles team celebrated National Dog Day in 2015; this article from the team's website lists all of the (then-current) players and their dogs. By my account at least 21 Eagles' players are dog owners.

Given how many NFL players love their dogs, we have to wonder if they have purchased doggie football jerseys for them to wear in time for the February 4th game in Minneapolis. If not, we'd love for them to be our customers.

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