Free Shipping on Gifts for Pet Lovers

Dog lovers, cat lovers, pet lovers, rejoice. We've started our Black Friday Cyber Monday deals early. And that includes free shipping on everything.

Normally, you would have to spend at least $25 to get to free shipping. Not this holiday season.

If you're shipping to a U.S. destination, then you'll get free shipping.

Plain and simple.

How to get free shipping on Black Friday Cyber Monday

This year it's really easy to qualify for free shipping. Our free shipping promo code is, simply, FREESHIPPING that you plug in at checkout. Think of it as our free shipping coupons.

Now keep in mind that we have other discount codes available to our customers. You may have even received one when you shared your email with us. Perhaps you are already a customer and received a discount code with your last order. That's great.

While we're happy to share discount codes to save you money, you can use only one discount code per order. So figure out which one saves you the most. And don't forget to add it in at checkout.

Free shipping today only?

Is our offer for free shipping today only? Nope. We're going to keep this free shipping offer in place throughout the holidays. We know that we're always looking for ways on how to save money this holiday season. So we're extending this free shipping offer through December.

Keep in mind that we have limited quantities of some of our most popular Christmas gifts for dog lovers. Specifically our dog bone Christmas stocking in a festive black and red Buffalo plaid fleece and lined in black flannel. It's handcrafted in the USA by a talented local seamstress.

Top gifts for pet lovers

We really do believe that we have some of the top gifts for pet lovers. Here are some of the ways we can help pet lovers buy gifts this holiday season throughout the year.

Here at Pawsome Doggie we have the following great gifts for pet lovers.

Christmas gifts for cat lovers

Our cat gifts for cat lovers mostly fall in the realm of housewares. This includes a tea towel with a variety of cats on them. Through one of our suppliers, we also offer two colorful rugs with cats on them. These rugs feature the work of animal lover and artist Dean Russo.

Dog birthday gifts

As someone with a December birthday, we know all too well how birthday gifts can get smooshed together with holiday gifts. If you know a pooch with a "Gotcha Day" celebration or a bona fide birthday during the holidays, we can help with dog birthday gifts. Some gift ideas might be "Happy Birthday" tennis balls or rope pull toys. We also love the idea of baking your dog a birthday cake using one of our dog theme cake pans.

Dog breed gifts

We're lucky enough to carry a number of dog theme gifts that are actually dog breed gifts. This includes our cake pans shaped like different breeds (pit bull, daschshund and French bulldog, to name a few). We also have dog breed rugs in a variety of colors. These are some of our most popular products with our customers looking for a dog breed gift for themselves or a dog lover they know.

Unique gifts for dog lovers

Looking for a unique gift for a dog lover? What about a sports jersey from their favorite team? We have a ton of dog sports gear.

We're lucky enough to stock football jersey from the top college teams as well as NFL pro teams. We also have baseball jerseys for dogs featuring Major League Baseball teams. Finally, we have a limited amount of NFL knit winter hats for dogs.

Christmas stocking gifts for dog lovers

Need to stuff a stocking for a dog lover in your life? What about a practical gift for dog owners--poop bags? These would be great stocking stuffers. These could even be funny gifts for pet lovers--who would ever expect to get a wrapped box of poop bags? Funny but, again, oh so practical.

Another great Christmas stocking gift idea or even a Hanukkah gift idea for dog lovers would be our dog bone shaped cookie cutters. They come in packs of ten. We think these are one of the best gifts for dog lovers, especially those that love to bake.


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