Dog Lover Adult Coloring Book Creator

January 06, 2018

Dog Lover Adult Coloring Book Creator

Dog Lover Adult Coloring Book Creator

We are so pleased to be profiling yet another one of the Puppieware by Pawsome Doggie suppliers. This time around it is the folks behind Come. Sit. Color, the adult coloring book for dog lovers that we recently added to our store.

I'm not sure when the trend of adult coloring books really kicked off. What I am sure of is that they are hugely popular. That's why when I was covering the National Dog Show for and met a creator of adult coloring books for dog lovers, I knew we had to bring their products onto the Puppieware by Pawsome Doggie store.

Meet Emily Taylor Rogers, the Creative Project Director at Seed&Space, and creator of Come. Sit. Color. That is the name of the dog lover adult coloring book that we recently added to our store. This coloring book offers dog and puppy coloring pages that really any age would enjoy. Emily manages projects and handles the communication that occurs between Seed&Space, the artist, and any external partners involved--partners like us.

She was kind enough to take time in the New Year to answer some questions about Come. Sit. Color., the artist behind the adult coloring book for dog lovers (plus other dog coloring products they sell) and why her company (like ours) likes to support good causes.

Q: Tell me a little bit about Come. Sit. Color's business history.

A: Come. Sit. Color. was established in 2017 in collaboration between artist Jay McClellan and Seed & Space. Jay McClellan is a professional painter and college art professor, and Seed & Space is a collaborative that works with artists to turn their passions into business by connecting them with commercialization and commerce opportunities. Together, we utilized Jay's method of drawing and composition to create a unique coloring book that focuses on dogs, just as his paintings do.

dog coloring book for adults artist

Following the successful launch of the coloring book, and its reception in the marketplace, we further developed his art into a brand that offers several high quality artistic coloring products that appeal to all levels and ages. We are located in Philadelphia.

Q: Where did the idea to get into the adult coloring book business come from?

A: Seed & Space works directly with local artists to both represent them and have them realize their potential on a commercial level. We aid in the development of their business, keeping their personal and artistic goals and sensibilities at the forefront of each unique project or brand. Jay approached us with the idea to make a coloring book based off his painting practice, and together with Seed & Space's direction, we created the first volume of Come. Sit. Color., which led to the development of the entire brand.

Q: We met at the 2017 National Dog Show. Why did you decide to get a booth there?

A: Come. Sit. Color. is a new company and optimizing outreach in the beginning months is essential. Our target market is encompasses both dog lovers and coloring enthusiasts, of any age or skill level, so there was a wonderful synergy in showcasing at The National Dog Show. In retrospect, The AKC National Dog show presented by Purina, was not only a wonderful opportunity to connect directly with our consumers and receive their direct feedback, but to connect with fellow retailers and organizations within the broader industry.

Q: What niche are you looking to fill by offering your dog coloring books for adults and other products?

A: Our mission is to share the joy and serenity of art and man's best friend with the community – we do this by offering a artist quality coloring products that are both accessible and relatable. The thing that makes our products different from others in this space is that we are a team of artists developing, creating, and sharing our art with others with a quality that we would want to use, so our products are not only indicative of our passion but we can share that passion through a high quality product. We make all Come. Sit. Color. products durable and lasting, which allows our customers to use a variety of art mediums on any of our items and become the artists themselves.

dog coloring book for adults

Q: How do you determine which breeds you've added to your various lines?

A: The first volume of Come. Sit. Color. coloring books is based off of McClellan's original and commissioned paintings. Jay selected some of his personal favorites to feature in the book, and there are a wide range of pure breads and mixed mutts. The second volume Top Breeds is loosely based off the AKC's Top 20 breeds and a few of Jay's personal favorite's as well.

Q: Will you be adding new dog breeds and new adult coloring book products in the future?

A: It is our goal to continue to include a wide range of breeds, and with each new products or line include breeds that haven't been included in past products. We want our customers to look at our products and be reminded of a dog they love. Perhaps in the future we could have our customers and retail partners vote on which breeds they would like to see in future installments.

We are always brainstorming ideas for new products. We just released our Top Breeds line, and have some other's under consideration. One idea we are excited about is incorporating dog treats and products specifically for dogs into Come. Sit. Color.

For future lines we have thought of many new ways to incorporate new breeds; by taking polls from consumers about breeds they want to see, using photos of customers family dogs, getting photos of dogs from shelters, and more!

Q: What is something about the products you offer that our customers may not realize?

A: We want your customers to know that we aren’t just a coloring book. We want all customers to become engaged in the creation process and to truly make the art their own. Also, we would love to communicate that we are a team of passionate artists that care not only about the industry in which we work, but the community in which we live.

As such, a percentage of our sales are always donated to charity. Specially, for the items carried by Puppieware by Pawsome Doggie a percentage of each sale goes directly to help the shelter animals at Main Line Animal Rescue. Jay had an established relationship with them through his personal work, so it seemed like a natural marriage to have Come. Sit. Color. continue to work with Main Line Animal Rescue and support their wonderful work in support of shelter animals.

Q: What sets you apart from other companies selling similar items?

A: Our coloring products are produced with artist quality paper and a high quality printing technique, so our customers can use a variety of mediums (crayons, colored pencils, markers and paint) on all of our products and become artists themselves. Many of the coloring items out there today use thin paper stock, which limits the type of mediums that can be used in coloring – for example, many would be too thin for a wet ink or paint. Additionally, our works are one sided, with the back side intentionally left blank so pages may be cut out and framed.

Q: What have you learned about pet lovers since starting your business?

A: We are pet lovers too! So, working in this industry has reinforced our knowledge that pet lovers are friendly, loyal, and overall wonderful people who are passionate about the furry members of their families, just like us.

Everyone on our team LOVE pets and dogs. Our artist Jay has three hounds of his own; Ava Belle, Honey and Lucky as well as four chickens. Seed & Space's CEO Jonathan Cohn has a rescue mutt named Polo. Our Creative Project Director Emily nanny's dogs, our Marketing Specialist Michelle has a Shih Tzu named Gracie, and our Sales Manager has a pup named Maggie.

Our office is pet-friendly, too. Dogs have a naturally calming effect in the office and that they serve as a reminder of who is at the focus of the brand.

Again, we donate a portion of our proceeds from our first line to Main Line Animal Rescue, a portion of the proceeds from the Top Breeds line goes to the AKC Humane Fund, and we have also supported the Center For Creative Works and The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. We plan to continue working with a variety of charities as we continue to expand.

Final thoughts on Come. Sit. Color.

We are honored to be selling the adult coloring book for dog lovers from Come. Sit. Color and to be working with them. In fact, we believe that we at Puppieware by Pawsome Doggie are in good company with this new relationship. Come. Sit. Color. products are also for sale at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Museum Store and the well-known (on the Main Line of Philadelphia) Haverford restaurant the White Dog Cafe.

If you would like us to carry any other products from Come. Sit. Color., please use our contact form to drop us a line and let us know your thoughts and preferences.

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